A lot of measurement data is generated
during the development of technical products and systems.
Videto!® takes care of the editing and presentation.

You develop high-end products and systems with ...

... high complexity

  • Your products and systems must meet high dynamic and technical requirements.
  • In doing so, you go to the limits of physics (e.g. aircraft seats: weight vs. crash requirements).
  • Frequently, the requirements can only be realised through the interaction of several disciplines (mechatronics).

... complex tests

  • Your products and systems are tested intensively - at internal or external test laboratories and institutes.
  • The test results must be archived and should be made easily accessible to your staff for technical evaluations and especially also for further developments and optimisations.

... Variety

  • Their products and systems have a high diversity of variants.
  • This variety results from different possible configurations and parameterisations or from different designs.
  • These variants must be evaluated individually but also compared with each other.

Videto!® provides you with the matching high-end result presentation!

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With the Videto!® service, we summarise the test results of your products and systems into a result video and thus enable an impressively compact and easily understandable presentation of even complex tests. This makes it easier for you to evaluate individual products and systems. In addition, we enable you to directly compare different variants.

We combine all the information in the desired corporate design and thus bundle the results. Whether video, texts, graphics, images etc.. You receive an elaborated video documentation. This saves time and money and relieves your employees.

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This means that these challenges

... will soon be a thing of the past!

Managing complexity

  • Documentation and simple transfer of videos, images and measurement data by test labs and institutes do not meet the analysis requirements of the development departments.
  • Development departments are not facilitated in inspecting and evaluating data.
  • This is at the expense of efficiency and potentially also quality.


  • The diversity of variants of your products and systems makes it difficult for you to technically evaluate the individual variants and to compare different variants.
  • In particular, comparing different variants on the basis of pure measurement data and separate videos is time-consuming and inefficient.
  • You have a large pool of information and knowledge about your products and systems, but you cannot use it because of poorly prepared data.

Resource bottlenecks

  • Their experts do not have enough time to adequately prepare the results, on the basis of which the technical evaluation is easier.
  • Staff need more time to evaluate and use the test results based on the documentation provided as standard (PDF and separata videos).

These Videto!® advantages are convincing more and more development companies ...

  • Videto!® service provides video-based test and result documentation.
  • Special result videos that merge measurements (plots) and (high-speed) video recordings, even of different sampling and frame rates, in a synchronised manner.
  • Generating real added value for the development departments, because with Videto!® test results can be better understood and used!
  • Your development departments can compare different variants and configurations extremely easily.
  • Relieve resource bottlenecks in development departments by outsourcing adequate processing of test results!
  • Direct comparison of different synchronised variants in a video
    (e.g. "active" - "passive" or "variant A" - "variant B")

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