Videto!® takes care of the professional documentation ... of your test results!

Your laboratory is one of the top testing institutes with ...

... Infrastructure

  • To carry out highly dynamic tests, they own and use an expensive and elaborate infrastructure.

  • This infrastructure must be utilised to the maximum in order to amortise the high investments.

... Measuring equipment

  • They use equipment that delivers high-quality measurement data and high-speed videos.

  • With this measuring equipment, you can hand over high-quality measurements and videos to your customers.

... Personal

  • You need specialised, well-trained staff to carry out the tests incl. measurements and video recordings.

  • In particular, you need experienced technicians and engineers for the preparation of the results documentation.

Videto!® provides you with the matching top results presentation!

We will be happy to advise you!

With the Videto!® service, we combine your test results into a result video and thus enable an impressively compact and easily understandable presentation of even complex tests.

In this way, we ensure that you can present the results in an impressive, comprehensible and professional manner. We combine all the information in the desired corporate design and thus bundle the results. Whether video, texts, graphics, pictures etc.. You receive an elaborated video documentation. This saves time and money and relieves your staff.

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This means that these challenges

... will soon be a thing of the past!

Differentiation from competitors

  • Comparable test services are often offered by competitors.
  • Competition runs on price and availability of test capacities.

Standard is no longer enough

  • Documentation and simple transfer of videos, images and measurement data do not meet the analysis requirements of the customers.
  • Clients are not facilitated in inspecting data.

Resource bottlenecks

  • Your employees are overworked, which leads to dissatisfied employees.
  • Late deliveries of documentation lead to dissatisfied customers.

These Videto!® advantages are convincing more and more test laboratories ...

  • Videto!® service provides video-based test and result documentation.
  • Special result videos that merge measurements (plots) and (high-speed) video recordings, even of different sampling and frame rates, in a synchronised manner.
  • Relieve resource bottlenecks at the test laboratory or institute by outsourcing the service!
  • Generation of real added value for the customer, because with Videto!® test results can be comprehended more easily and quickly by the customer!
  • Provision of a unique selling point (USP), as other institutes do not (cannot) provide such videos!

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