Test & result documentation on a new level ... with the Videto!® service!
Test and result documentation that stands out!

Test and result documentation that stands out!

"With this new Videto!® service, we are one of the few providers that offer test labs and development companies real relief and unbeatable added value at the same time. By preparing the documentation in your company's corporate design (CD), we ensure that you as a customer receive video-based presentations of results at the end of test series that are simply impressive," says Managing Director Dr Ulrich Meier-Noe.

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Are you looking for relief in the preparation of test results in order to implement elaborate test reports in a professional and easily understandable form? Or your documentation of results as a PDF does not meet the high demands of your customers and the technical complexity of your tests? Then the following pages should give you a first insight into how the Videto!® servicecan helpyou immediately

With the Videto!® service, we summarise your test results into a result video and thus enable an impressively compact and easily understandable presentation of even complex tests.

The offer is aimed specifically at test laboratories and institutes, development departments as well as suppliers and manufacturers of technical products.

Videto!®-Service is a service area of ALL4PROJECTS GmbH from Paderborn. The innovative company has specialised in raising test results and documentation to a new level. With this service offer, you relieve your employees by outsourcing and at the same time receive an impressive video-based presentation of test results.

Take the quality of your test and results documentation to a new level with the Videto!® service. Instead of outputting reports piecemeal in the form of separate documents, images and videos, we offer a service that is tailor-made for you and your customers based on your specific technical requirements.

This leads to a more efficient presentation of results - as both measurement data and video material can be viewed and evaluated at a glance - without any additional work for your team members involved. The standardised layouts with your corporate design lead to improved quality and allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors in a variable way if required - which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction. The results are presented in a clearly understandable, transparent and visually appealing way. The ideal way to take test results to the next level.

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And this is how it works!

In 3 simple steps from test results
to a professional result video:

Planning and preparation

At the beginning, we sit down with you and discuss what you want to achieve with the result video and what information you want to convey. In the course of this, we also discuss your requirements with regard to your corporate design (CD). We also clarify which data you can provide in which formats and when.


Data provision

In the next step, you provide us with the data and information required for the video production. In addition to information on the CI concept (e.g. logo, fonts, colours, etc.), this includes in particular data such as videos, measurement results, texts, images, graphics and tables.


Our service = your added value

Once we have all the data and test results, we create the documentation as a professional results video in your desired CD. Here we pay attention to an understandable and at the same time appealing way of visualisation. The viewer of the test results is literally taken by the hand. This allows you to present the test results to your customers more quickly and convincingly.

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Video practical examples:

With the Videto!® service you will convince your customers!

Instead of only handing over the usual documentation based on reports, photos and videos to the customer separately, as was previously the case, we create test and result documentation in the form of videos for you or your customer that is precisely tailored to the technical task and the customer's needs.


  • Combination of videos, measurement data, texts, graphics, plots etc.
  • Independent of the measuring and video system
  • Synchronised videos and measurements
  • Corporate design (test lab and/or client)
  • Positioning of plots in images
  • Specific analyses