Technical products are characterised by performance parameters! Videto!® makes this clear to your customers!

You have high-quality products ...

Testing your products is an important part of the production process. They help ensure that the finished product meets all safety, performance and quality standards. Perhaps you as a manufacturer have your own test laboratory where you test your products. This may include child seats, machine parts and other components. Tests may include tensile tests to check strength, or fastening tests where bolts are tightened to join different parts together and various other tests.

You may also carry out tests during batch testing, where compliance with relevant standards is checked. This ensures that any faults or defects are detected before the entire batch is used in the production process.

In short, testing plays an essential role in manufacturers' production, ensuring that all products reach the desired quality and safety standards before they are sold to the public. Through regular inspection and testing, manufacturers can be sure that their products offer reliable performance and safety to customers.

  • Dynamics
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Adaptability
  • Strength

With Videto!® top result presentations of technical properties.

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With the Videto!® service, we summarise the performance parameters and capabilities of your products into a result video and thus enable an impressively compact and easily understandable presentation of your specific product features. In this way, we make it easier for your customers to understand your products and their special features.

Discover the completely new way of presenting and visualising your product features and impress with product presentations that have never been seen on the market before.

In the desired corporate design (CD), we combine all the information and thus bundle your product features. Whether video, texts, graphics, images etc.. You receive an elaborated video documentation. This saves time and money and relieves your employees.

This means that these challenges

... will soon be a thing of the past!

Communicating product features

  • Standard documentation and standard advertising materials do not do justice to the complexity of the products and systems.
  • It is not easy to convince customers or explain technical features well on the basis of documentation and advertising material.

Proof of quality

  • Testing your products is an important part of the production process.
  • The test results must be documented in a comprehensible manner and, in the event of a fault, the technical problem must be localised and retraced.

These Videto!® advantages are convincing more and more manufacturers ...

  • Videto!® service delivers video-based product documentation.
  • Special result videos that merge measurements (plots) and (high-speed) video recordings, even of different sampling and frame rates, in a synchronised manner.
  • Videos are created that are tailored to the specific product, on the basis of which manufacturers / distributors of technical products can convey targeted information to the customer. This strengthens the customer's trust in data, as it is plausibilised with moving images and measurements.
  • Understanding of technical features, as they are more comprehensible with moving images.
  • The videos can be used for marketing and distribution through various channels:

    • Presentations
    • Email
    • Web pages
    • Social media
  • Specific product videos that present the special features of your products in a customer-friendly and understandable way.
  • Relieve the burden on your experts, who no longer have to worry about preparing the data, but only about making it available!

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