How is the data for the video exchanged?

The data required for video creation as well as the result videos can be exchanged via secure data exchange servers. If you already have a secure data server, this can be used for data exchange. Alternatively, we can provide a secure data server for data exchange.

Does a new layout have to be created for each result video?

No, this is not necessary. The layout is determined in the course of creating the 1st result video. This layout can then be reused for all further videos. Smaller adjustments (e.g. title of a video) can of course still be made easily.

The reuse of the layout also ensures quality and process reliability in video production.

Why is the service called "Videto!®" ? Is that a spelling mistake?

No - Videto!® is not a spelling mistake. We have taken our cue from the Latin verb videre:

  • see, look at, watch, behold
  • notice, grasp, perceive, behold, recognise

The imperative of the verb videre is videto. Thus, Videto!® is to be understood as an invitation to look at technical systems and understand their behaviour.