Price overview:

Standard Video

Perfect for tests where the setup (cameras, measurements, etc.) changes.

Price: flat rate 550.00 Euro (plus VAT)


  • Video creation:
    • 1 result video
    • Up to 6 different sequences
    • Max. 8 input videos
    • Max. 8 plots
  • Preparation of input data
    (measurement data and videos)

Highly Automated Video

Perfect for highly standardized tests where the setup (cameras, measurements, etc.) does not change.

Price: After specifying your exact requirements, you will receive an offer from us


  • Video creation for standardized tests
  • Scope / layout of the videos in consultation with customers
  • Data formats to be provided in consultation with customers


  • Constant video layout
  • Constant measurement data
  • Provision of video and measurement data in a coordinated format